Netgear Genie:

Netgear genie lets you manage and troubleshoot your network settings easily through easy user friendly interface. The Netgear genie application is compatible with windows 10, previous versions of windows .You can download Netgear genie application for your Android device from google play store. In case of iPad or iPhone you can download Netgear genie application from play store .


Network Map: You can check number of devices connected to your router using network map feature. Check IP address of connected devices or attached devices with your network (netgear router ). You can turn on or turn off access control feature of your netgear router, add or block devices to your network

Wifi Connection: You can check internet connectivity as well as your wireless router SSID and WiFi passphrase. User can change channel settings also using Netgear Genie Application .

Parental Control: You can activate the parental control feature on your router. Create parental control account >> add or remove keywords according to your requirement and you can setup time limit also


Netgear genie is compatible with windows 10 platform. If you have updated your windows from windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10 then uninstall previous version of Netgear genie >> restart your computer >> then download Netgear genie application for windows 10 from Netgear support centre webpage. Alternatively you can run netgeargenie application in advanced mode by selecting run as previous version option.

Alternatively you can check netgear router login interface using web address or or you can use IP address or .

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